Newsletter – 28/03/2019


Saturday 30 March 07h00 Duynefontein

from the BP via Bosmansdam to the Westcoast road left at Dolphin beach after Bigbay hill we do three uphill sprints of the Bigbay circuit from there we proceed to Melkbos and Duynefontein at Duynefontein we do 5laps of the Duynefontein circuit before returning to the BP via the Westcoast road +-70km

Sunday 31 March 07h00 Llandudno/City Rock Special

from the BP through Century City to Marine Drive,N1 and the Waterfront to Llandudno at the traffic lights before the top of Llandudno hill we turn right and follow the directions to the parking lot of Sandy Bay from there we cycle to the top of Llandudno hill after regrouping we return to the BP +-70km

Tuesday 02 April 05h00 CCC loops

+-45km 90 minutes long

Thursday 04 March 05h00 Bigbay intervals

+-45km 90 minutes long


We still have training rides Tuesdays and Thursdays at 05h00 for those interested in WP Winter League, and on Sunday 07 April the next WP event is at Killarney.

With that in mind our Saturday Fast-group ride is the same as the club ride, it should be great training practice for Killarney.

We still have members who haven’t renewed their Membership. Please visit our website and fill out the online application for 2019. 

CCC have been cleaning the club membership records, email contact list and whatsapp groups. Next we will address the cyclists who rides every week with us and don’t bother to take out membership. From April we will introduce a limit to the rides you can do with us. CCC membership fee is quite reasonable and for us to provide a better service to our members it will have to be for CCC members whose paid up for 2019.

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