Weekend Rides

Saturday 08 January
06h15 Fastgroup ride Silos via Bottelary+-90km
Club ride 06h30 Fesantekraal via Bottelary+-75km

Sunday 09 January
06h15 Fastgroup ride Peninsula Loop via Southern Cross Drive+-80km
Club ride 06h30 Llandudno+-70km

The holidays are over and our first midweek training rides of the new year were well attended
It’s quite a shock to the system trying to keep up with our members as they cycle uphill at speed
A full month of committed training in the week and on weekends will definitely be beneficial to your fitness journey leading to the Tour of the Winelands and the 99-er
Cycling nonstop for over three to four hours isn’t easy but definitely doable
This is the time to practice with gells and energy drinks on the weekend rides
You also need to get used to sipping from your water bottles so it can last for the duration of the race
There’s usually an increase in the size of the group’s on the weekend rides as our members return from the holidays and start training for the upcoming cycling events
Please be careful when joining our rides
Between cars passing our rides and objects laying in the road it becomes very important to be alert at all times
Please don’t wear any headphones when joining our rides
Being part of a cycling club doesn’t only give you safety by cycling in a group but you also get to cycle with like-minded cyclists who has the same cycling goals as you
Be it you just want to join the club rides to stay fit or if you a bit more serious with your cycling goals
Joining the Fastgroup rides might not be easy at first but if you want to improve on your cycling ability leading to the Cycletour there’s no easier option for you
Only by riding with stronger cyclist will make you a stronger cyclist
You’re body will adapt to the faster pace and minimal regrouping the Fastgroup does
You learn to recover after faster harder efforts like uphill sprints while still cycling at pace as the group gets ready for the next uphill sprint
This is very difficult to do by yourself but easier if you have a wheel to chase or hang onto
Looking forward to more of our members join the Fastgroup rides as they start training Smart and riding Hard on their journey to get City Strong
Train Smart means make the most of your time in the saddle
Ride Hard means just that when joining the Fastgroup rides we ride Hard as in 35+km on the flats with minimal regrouping to better prepare you for the upcoming cycling races

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