Weekly Newsletter – 10 October 2015

Road Cycling – Graham Ward (g.ward@mweb.co.za)

Important Notes

Bunch Safety

  • Obey traffic signals – reds lights
  • Ride inside the yellow line
  • Single file on narrow roads
  • Point out objects in the road
  • It is dark and cold in the mornings – use lights and dress warm

Bunch Etiquette

  • Blow your nose at the back of the bunch
  • Don’t attack – training rides are just that – training rides
  • Don’t half bike
  • Be punctual – our rides leave at 6.30am

Visitors are always welcome.
Saturday rides are slower and easier so beginners are welcome.
Sundays are not for the fainthearted or unfit!

We also host informal rides on Fridays, at 08h30, from the same venue.

Thursday 27 September 2015

We will be contesting the Kay Trophy this coming Thursday – this is a paced handicap event – please be early to register with Mike Aaron.
Venue – Fesantekraal Airfiled entrance
Time: 08h00
Distance – 50 km (2 laps of a 25 km circuit)

Saturday 26 September 2015

Meet at 6.50am – Briefing
Depart from BP through Burgundy Estate and down Contermanskloof to the 4 way Stop, over the 4 way stop, up Malanshoogte and down to the end of the Dairy Road. we will regroup at the start of the gravel road and then tackle some hill intervals just for fun before proceeding back to the top of Malanshoogte to regroup again.

Sunday 27 September 2015

Meet at 6.50am – Briefing
Llandudno and Back

DC Training – Freddie Mayer
(079 897 5996 or fmayer@sacd.co.za)

Sunday 27 September 2015
Meet at 6.50am – Briefing
Venue: BP, Letchworth Street, Edgemead
Due to popular demand, we have decided to redo the 224km Ride to Langebaan and back on Sunday 27 September as the next DC Training Ride. The teams will start at 07h00 sharp, unless agreed otherwise amongst themselves. If you wish to form part of this ride and would like to join any of these teams, please contact either Freddie Mayer on mayerfreddie@gmail.com or Werner Schmidt on 2themax2010@gmail.com to make such arrangements. All team members to meet at the BP in Letchworth Drive, Edgemead at 06h45 for route and ride briefing. Teams will go varied distances based on their current requirements. See you there for a nice flat and fast ride.

Mountain Biking – Carrick Pitman
(0725480909 or carrickp@gmail.com)

To be advised shortly …

Track Cycling – Lukas Kruger
All new riders are welcome to join. A few bicycles are available for those wanting to try out track cycling. Please bring your own pedals with. Please contact Lukas Kruger on 082 466 7550 or lukask64@gmail.com.

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