Newsletter – 01-Dec-2021

Weekend Rides
Saturday 04 December
Fastgroup ride 06h30 Duynefontein with laps in Bigbay and Duynefontein +-70km
Club ride 06h30 Duynefontein +-60km
Sunday 05 December
Fastgroup ride 06h15 Peninsula Loop via Fishhoek +-100km
Club ride 06h00 Peninsula Loop via Fishhoek +-100km
Looking forward to a great turnout for our annual Xmas ride
The plan is to have a leisurely club ride to Duynefontein and on our return, we head to Century City for breakfast at Brick Lane
The Fastgroup will do Loops in Bigbay and Duynefontein and catch up with the club ride on our way back
Brick Lane have a R45 breakfast bun special
We only get to have breakfast with fellow club members once a year at our Xmas ride
Please wear club kit and cyclists who usually ride with City are welcome to join us
There should be plenty of topics to talk about over coffee for the year that City had while waiting for your breakfast
Due to the unfortunate cancellation of the DC City is planning on having their own City 200km ride to Kleinmond on Saturday 11 December 05h30 from the BP
Cyclists from our DC teams will be riding and other cyclists are welcome to join us
More details in next week’s weekend rides
Three months to go for the Cape Town Cycletour 2022
The toughest part is to try and stay consistent through December
Take it week by week and try not to think further than the week
There’s a difference in strength levels between the club riders and the Fastgroup cyclists
Don’t be put off by this
By cycling outside your comfort zone every week you can only get stronger and mentally tougher
The majority of City members want to cycle the Cycletour under three hours and thirty minutes
This can only happen by joining the Fastgroup rides from December
Show your support for City by joining our Xmas ride and let’s make it memorable

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