Newsletter – 02-Sep-2021

Weekend Rides
Saturday 04 September
Fastgroup Ride 06h45 Atlantis +-90km
Club Ride 07h00 Atlantis+-90km

Sunday 05 September
Fast group Ride 06h45 Chapman’s Peak +-90km
Club Ride 07h00 Llandudno +-70km

The first PPA cycling event is taking place on Sunday to kickstart Spring
Best of luck to our members taking part in it
Those that feel they need a bit more time in the saddle
City have 100+km club rides planned throughout September
Our members have made tremendous improvements through winter
They eagerly looking forward to warmer weather from September
Covid has had quite an impact on our member’s lives since March 2020
Our members showed their City Positivity and Tenacity by not giving up physical activities of any kind
We were well on track by bringing back our club events
They were well attended
We even had an increase in membership’s due to it being for City members only
Unfortunately, Level 4 of Covid restrictions put a stop to it and club rides
Our members showed their never give up attitude by arranging rides amongst themselves
We had members who were infected with the Coronavirus and other illnesses unfortunately we had members who were injured by cycling accidents as well
I’m very glad to say they all are well on the road to recovery
There seem to be a flare-up in bike muggings and unfortunately, it hit close to home when a City member were bike jacked at 07h00 on Sunday on Giel Basson road close to Burgundy Estate
We need to arm ourselves with some type of protection whenever we are out cycling
This by no means guarantees our safety but will give us some peace of mind on our rides
I’m very glad to say that City have three teams taking part in the DC
The Cape Town Cycle tour is an individual event which means you have a better chance of improving your seeding for upcoming events compared to the DC which is a team event
Our Peninsula rides are becoming very popular and we having great turnout’s for it
We are blessed and spoiled for the many options we have to cycle to in the Cape
Looking forward to our members staying City Safe on and off the bike
Contact Nathan Reid 0832994503 for club kit
City members ride in City kit on our rides

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