Newsletter – 03-Feb-2022

Weekend Rides

Saturday 05 February
Club ride 06h30 Duynefontein+-60km

Sunday 06 February
Fastgroup ride 06h00 Cycletour route +-135km
Intermediate ride 06h00 Peninsula Loop via Black hill +-105km
Club ride 06h00 Peninsula Loop via Fishhoek+-100km

Well done to all our members who did the tour of the Winelands
We might have similar weather conditions as we had over the last two weekends at the Cycle tour
There’s no other way to acclimate to the heat than to ride in the heat
We provide 100km rides every weekend for our members so they have the opportunity to do endurance rides in a group
From the experience, our members had at the Winelands cycle race it’s clear to see they lacked endurance
I say it quite a lot it’s up to you to put in the hours of training every week
No one can pedal for you
There’s plenty of motivation to see from the experience’s our members have on our Tuesday’s CCC Loops and Thursday’s Big Bay Dash
Our regular club riders leave the BP at 05h30 and do the same route as the Fast group cyclist on these days
You are more than welcome to join them to start off with
We also have cyclist who join the 05h00 Fastgroup but only goes as far as Dolphin beach before turning around and head back to the BP
You can join them if you pressed for time
Best of luck to our members who entered the Perdeberg fun ride
Please wear club kit when joining our weekend rides
Looking forward to our members stepping outside their comfort zone and joining the intermediate’s
Please take into account your current fitness level before joining a faster group
The month of February will go by quickly and before you know it the Cycletour will be here
There’s no time to skip any workouts
There’s no Fastgroup ride Saturday
The plan is to have fresh legs for Sunday’s Cycletour route ride
We as the Fastgroup need to increase the distance of the 100km rides that we have been doing so far for the month of February

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