Newsletter – 08-Sep-2021

Weekend rides
Saturday 09 October 07h00
Our annual Boerewors ride this year.
Easy Spin to Dolphin beach +- 30km

Sunday 10 October 07h00
Club ride Duynefontein +-60km

Best of luck to our members taking part in the Cape Town Cycletour
Here are some tips on how to ride on the day
Try to ride the lightest gear and highest cadence whenever possible along the route
Sip don’t gulp as long as you sipping two water bottles should be more than enough for the 109km distance
Try to stay in the wheels and conserve energy
The second half of the route is much tougher than the first half
No matter how strong you feel at the start you must ride smart
Avoid surge’s and if you should find yourself in front of the bunch 30 seconds is long enough before easing up slightly there will definitely be cyclists who will pass you and then work your way back into the group by indicating by hand you want to get back into the wheels
Cycling 109km is an endurance event
If you should get dropped by the bunch you cycling with don’t panic
Ease up on your effort change to a lighter gear eat and drink while you recovering
There will be another group of cyclists that will catch you coming from behind
Just keep doing this every time you can’t hang onto the group you cycling with
You can’t cycle as fast as a group of cyclists for the full distance
There will be times that the group you cycling with will feel too slow
The biggest mistake you can make is to pull the group
The more experienced cyclists will wheelsuck your wheel till the next bunch comes along and jump onto their wheels
That’s usually when you find out you used too much energy and can’t stay with the bunch
Try to stay with the bunches on the flats and cycle the climbs at your own pace
The next few tips are about Safety
At all times try to ride in a straight line
No sudden changes in direction
Very important in a big group of cyclist
Bunny hop over whatever might be in the road
On our race numbers are the names of the cyclists
By all means, shout out their name and be vocal about them keeping their line and shout I’m on your left or right when you slightly out of their eyesight
Especially important on the descends
I must admit I’ve used a bit more colorful language in previous cycle tours
At the end of the day it’s your own health and safety you must consider
There’s no need to get injured or be forced to abandon the Cycletour due to idiotic actions from other cyclists
Don’t be shy this is your day and it’s up to you to make it to the finish line
If you should puncture shout out puncture and try to get off the road as quickly as possible
Don’t rush and make sure to inspect your tire properly before replacing the tube
Hopefully, this covered most of the race day topics
Looking forward to seeing our members in club kit
We can recognize each other more quickly when we are in club kit
Have a City Strong Cycle tour ~Nathan

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