Newsletter – 09-Nov-2021

Weekend Rides

Saturday 13 November
Fastgroup ride 06h00 Cape Town Cycletour route +-135km
Club ride 06h30 Fesantekraal via Bottelary +-70km

Sunday 14 November 06h00
Club event 2 laps of Slent road +-60km

Congrats and Welldone to our members who raced at the WP Roadrace in Atlantis
There were fierce Racing and our members had great results
Our club events are not intended for the Fastgroup cyclists only
At 06h00 our club Kombi and trailer will be leaving the BP for Paardeberg mall where we will start and finish our handicap club race
A handicap event have the slower group of cyclist starting first and the strongest group of cyclist starting up to 30 minutes later
The first cyclist over the finish line no matter what group you started from is the winner
Our members will be Racing for the Andy Arneson trophy
The cyclists you usually cycle with on the weekend rides will be the same cyclists you will be riding with on sunday
Our club events are for club members only and we wear our club jersey on the day
You can still do your normal club ride pace ride on sunday
You’ll just be doing it nonstop for two laps of the Slent road circuit
We don’t cycle on closed roads so please be extra careful when rotating the paceline and no sudden swerving and try to keep your line at all times
This will be our last club event of the year
Let’s finish it with a great turnout of our City family
To our DC teams you can still have your long ride on saturday and support sunday’s club event aswell
We plan on cycling back to the BP from Slent road
Roughly another 40km which should give you 100km on the day
No excuses about 60km is to short for a sunday ride
If you go through by car please let us know if you have space for cyclist
Our members usually arrange lifts amongst themselves if the distance to our club event is a bit to far to cycle too
Looking forward to a great weekend of a Strong showing of our City Gees
30 days to go before the start of the December holidays so stay on track with the cycling build phase of more time in the saddle

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