Newsletter 1-Mar-21

Weekend Rides

Saturday 06 March 06h15
Fastgroup Ride Atlantis +-90km
Club Ride 06h30
Duynefontein +-60km with the option of cycling to the Atlantis turn off +-70km

Sunday 07 March 06h30 Llandudno +- 70km

For the month of February, we managed to stay away from cycling to Duynefontein
The February challenge of not cycling to Duynefontein was to get our members out of their comfort zone
A cycling club needs to cycling different routes every weekend
We can’t cycle the same route every weekend
From the start of summer, our members have bounced back from the fear factor of the Covid epidemic
We as a cycling club have shown that we can keep up our fitness by joining the weekend rides
We still need to be vigilant and follow the Covid protocols
14 March we will be cycling the Cape Town Cycle tour route +-135km 06h00 from the BP
This ride will be similar to our usual club rides with regrouping and stopping for water
We want our members to show their City spirit (Gees)just like we usually do on the day of the Cycle tour (Argus)by cycling the route
A shorter option is via Fishhoek +-100km
Our club ride will be Chapman’s Peak +-90km
I frequently hear you cycle past me and didn’t say hi
My answer is usually the same
If you were wearing club kit you would have been visible like me
Our club kit stands out on the road
Looking forward to our members cycling in our new club jersey on 14 March
We want our members to arrange their own group amongst themselves between now and 14 March
We can’t be one big group on the day
For more details contact you