Newsletter – 1-Oct-2021

Weekend rides
Saturday 02 October 06h15
Fastgroup ride Peninsula Loop via Fishhoek +-100km
Club ride 07h00 Melkbos +-50km

Sunday 03 October 06h15
Fastgroup ride Peninsula Loop via Fishhoek +-100km
Club ride 06h00 Peninsula Loop via Fishhoek +-100km

It’s the last weekend for our members to get in their long rides and fine tune their readiness for the Cycletour
Congrats and Welldone to City’s Racing snakes who raced at Paardeberg
They definitely inspiring me to lose weight and step up my training
Apart from the Cycletour there’s more cycling events taking place in October
The Durbie dash Saturday 16 October is very popular amongst our members as the event take place in Durbanville
Our members usually try to cycle the 90km distance under three hours
At a cycling club there will always be a difference in strength and fitness levels
Especially this time of year
Some of our members trained through winter and some didn’t
As we heading into the second month of Spring and as its becoming lighter earlier in the morning and warmer we have more cyclist taking to the roads and joining our rides
That’s why we regroup on our rides to give the less fit cyclist a chance to catch up
The less fit cyclist’s should also be consistent with their midweek training sessions
So they can improve and not complain that no one waited for them at regrouping points on the weekend rides
The more experienced cyclist or City members might know more of the topics i discuss every week
This is my way of paying it forward to the less experienced cyclist so they better informed
Paying it forward in cycling is helping out fellow cyclist like you were helped out when you joined City
To put it bluntly i was fat and overweight when i joined City and with the help and guidance of a long time City member i became the most improved male City cyclist’s of the year
That’s why im willing to look after the cyclists who join the Fastgroup rides
I’ve been through the struggles of trying to keep up
There’s no better way to improve than to challenge yourself by joining the Fastgroup rides or for the Social cyclists to join the club rides
Looking forward to our members in club kit over the weekend
Let’s get City Ready for the Cycletour

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