Newsletter – 10-Sep-2021

Weekend Rides
Saturday 11 September
Fastgroup ride 06h00 Malmesbury +-130km
Club ride 06h00 Malmesbury return via kalbaskraal+-120km

Sunday 12 September 06h45
Fastgroup ride Polkadraai +-80km
Club ride 07h00 Duynefontein +-60km

Congrats and Welldone to the cyclists who braved the rainy conditions at the Winelands tour
Unfortunately, we had another bike jacking incident where two City members were attacked this past weekend
Giel Basson by Burgundy Estate is becoming a hotspot for bike muggings
The only option we cyclists have is to arm ourselves to better protect ourselves.
There is a variety of ways a bike mugging incident can occur
We might even come across someone else being mugged
We can potentially save the cyclists life if we armed with some type of weapon
We need to make it known we are not willing to just give up and say there’s nothing we can do
Whenever I do cycle alone like cycling to the BP
I try to cycle more in the center of the first lane
Whenever I see pedestrians or even one person I cycle more towards the second lane
Only if I hear cars behind me I move to the left and after the cars pass me I move away from the curb again
We survived more than a year of living with Covid and can’t let these incidents get us down
We need to ride in groups whenever possible and look after each other on our rides
Investing in a smart trainer is a good idea if you are worried about riding by yourself during the week
Staying focused on your workouts without disruptions or distractions from the road or the weather can be very beneficial to your fitness improvements
City has exciting rides planned for September to better prepare our members for the Cape Town Cycletour
Let’s stay City Positive as we become City Strong leading to the Cycletour
Looking forward to seeing our City members in club kit on our rides with some type of defensive weapon on them
The next step is to progress with our training more details on the next weekend rides

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