Newsletter – 11-Aug-2021

Weekend Rides
Saturday 14 August 06h45
Easy Duynefontein Ride +-60km in preparation for our Peninsula Ride
Sunday 15 August 06h30
Please take note of the start time 06h30
Peninsula Loop via Boyes drive, Black Hill, Chapman’s Peak, and Suikerbossie +-110km
The shorter route option is via Fishhoek +-100km
The number of cyclists joining our rides is growing
I need to bring it to everyone’s attention that safety is first and foremost the most aspect to consider when cycling with City
Cycling club around the Peninsula is that it is very dangerous
Please no unnecessary swerving, sudden surge’s or chasing after cyclists
We a cycling club riding in club kit and the general public can easily point at us if we do something wrong or be the cause of an accident
We are midway through the final month of winter and it’s getting lighter earlier in the morning and darker later at night
The Olympics and the upcoming third Grand Tour of Spain is spoiling us with live cycling daily
This should encourage those still complaining about it being too dark and cold to join our club rides especially after seeing these world-class athletes competing at the highest level possible for their countries at the Olympics
There’s never the perfect opportunity to start off with a training plan
Work or family responsibilities always seem to get in the way
By joining a cycling club you took the first step to becoming a better cyclists
The next step is to stay consistent with your midweek and weekend rides
Cycling should be Fun and a growing experience as you become a better cyclists
There’s no shortcut or magical training plan that will get you an A or B seeding for the upcoming PPA events
CCC Loops on Tuesdays and uphill sprints in Bigbay is not only popular with our members it definitely works
No need to pay for a coach or expensive training app’s when it’s on the doorstep of the majority of our members
Strava is great for going back from the start of the year and see your improvements
The cyclists who entered the Cape Town Cycletour must be doing 100+km rides on weekends by now and upping their elevation numbers on these rides
The start time of our Peninsula ride is 06h30 on Sunday and if the group is too big we”ll split into two groups
Looking forward to our members getting City TOUGH as they dig deep (Vasbyt)to complete their 100+km rides for the rest of the month
We Can Do It
Club kit to be worn on our rides

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