Newsletter – 11-Feb-2021

Weekend rides
Saturday 13 February 
Fastgroup Ride 06h15
Jonkershoek via Polkadraai +-100km
Club Ride 06h30
Fesantekraal via Bottelary +-75km
Sunday 14 February 06h30
Llandudno +-70km
A quick spin before celebrating valentine’s day with your better half
As road captain for City who cycles every weekend with different levels of fitness from our members, I can see firsthand the improvements some of our members make on a weekly basis
There’s no better feel-good feeling in the world than that feel-good feeling of I’m finally able to keep up
No matter what level you improving too
Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut to improvements
You have to ride with stronger cyclists for quicker improvements
Like any other sport, it never becomes easier as you improve you only get stronger mentally and physically
This can only happen if you stay consistent with you’re training
This is where City is the ideal cycling club to belong to
We a Social cycling club which means our main focus is the improvement of our members
No matter you’re the age you can improve
We do have the more serious members whose main focus is Racing events
From our members who are on Strava no matter what fitness level they currently are at is consistent with their training
Please use this as you’re inspiration or motivation if you want to become a better cyclists
We currently have four fifteen-year-old youngsters in the club and I’m sure we have members who have sons or daughters more or less in the same age bracket
This is the ideal time to bring them along on our rides
Between the Social group, Club ride group, and the Fast group there’s room for them to improve while riding in a group and learning how to ride in a group
The youngsters only pay R50 for club membership for the year
Looking forward to our members staying outside their comfort zone for the next three weeks as we stay away from Duynefontein

Ride Co-ordinator: Nathan Reid: 0832994503🚴