Newsletter 11-Mar-21

Weekend Rides

Saturday 13 March 06h30
Our annual pre Argus (Cycletour)Spin to Bigbay +-30km
Those interested in a slightly longer ride can do Melkbos +-50km

Sunday 14 March 06h00
Cape Town Cycletour route from the BP +-135kmCape Town Cycletour route from the BP +-135km
Fast Group Ride +-135km full route
Graham Ward Group +-100km via Fishoek
Club Ride 06h30 Chapman’s Peak +-90km via Llandudno

It would have been the Argus weekend and even though it might not be happening we as a cycling club are planning on cycling the Cycletour route on Sunday
This will be a club ride version with regrouping along the ride and will be wearing our new club jersey on the day just like we usually do on the day of the Cycletour
This will be quite a cycling bucket list achievement for some of our members
We will all start at 06h00 from the BP and we”ll split from the faster cyclist along the ride
We need to consider our safety first and foremost
There’s no need to attack the group and waste energy and cause unnecessary splits
We need to keep a steady tempo and try to conserve our energy while staying together
As road captain, i”ll be looking after the cyclist whose usually part of our Sunday rides
John Martin will be looking after the more serious cyclist whose aim is to average 30km for the full route
They won’t be waiting for cyclist at the regrouping points for more than two minutes
Their aim is to stay on target
Choose wisely the group you plan on cycling with
Our regular club riders will cycle to Chapman’s Peak on Sunday
Hopefully, the Social group will also cycle to Chappies
Let’s show our City spirit (gees) and motivate and inspire our members to at the minimum cycle 90km on Sunday
We need to have an easy week of training this week, so we can be at our strongest on Sunday
Looking forward to seeing all our members in the saddle on Sunday
For more details in regards to Sunday’s ride feel free to contact me, Nathan Reid 083 299 4503