Newsletter 13-Apr-2021

Weekend Rides
Saturday 15 May 06h55
Melkbos +-50km
Sunday 16 May
Club Race +-50km
Meet up at the BP between 06h00 &06h25
Please allow time to load the bikes

We two weeks away from winter and our rides are still well attended
This shows our members are eager to keep up their fitness
We have newer members who recently joined City
They happy to have found a cycling club who don’t cater to racing specific type of rides only
City is a cycling club so for our newer members this means you have to keep a training routine during the week
On Strava you can see what our members do during the week if you not too familiar with a training routine
Pedaling cadence is something some of our members aren’t too familiar with
You have to change gears according to the terrain
You can’t stay in one gear for an 80+km ride
You have to save your legs whenever possible by cycling a higher cadence especially if you have a climb of over 1km by changing to small blade
Do not misunderstand what I’m saying
I’m talking about long rides not you’re midweek training sessions
Big blade hill sprints are very important to improve your strength and stamina
You have to be able to cycle our local hills in big blade
Those that might be confused about how our handicap system works
The regular club riders are the first group
The second group is the cyclist who rides with the Fast group
The third group is the racing cyclist who usually rides Cat2 at Killarney
This is not like the PPA events where you ride next to strangers
It’s a team time trial (TT) like we had at Slent road
The group of cyclists rides a paceline for the required distance
Very important if you’re group should get caught by the next group don’t try to squeeze in by the side of the bunch
If safe and by hand gesturing, you fall in behind the bunch
This is a fun and exciting club race
Please don’t be over aggressive and try to drop your own teammates by going too hard from the start
Our club members usually arrange amongst themselves lifts with each other to get to Atlantis
We usually cycle back to the BP from Atlantis
We will start and finish at Neil Hare drive or near the William Gourley street intersection Atlantis industrial
There are limited spaces available in the club’s Kombi
The spaces will be filled on a first come first served basis
Between 06h &06h25, everyone will meet at the BP to allow time to load the bikes
Please let me know if you have extra space in your vehicle for club members
Looking forward to our members Racing on Sunday
A big thanks to our members who recently renewed their membership for 2021
We’ll be riding in our new club jersey on Sunday

Nathan Reid +27 83 299 4503

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