Newsletter – 14/02/2019


Saturday 16 February Silos 06h30

Fastgroup ride: Reverse Silos from the BP over Tiekie left into St Johns through a couple of traffic circles onto Adderley right into Philadelphia left into Wellington at the Silos right onto the R304 at the fourway fruitsellers intersection right regroup at the top of the hill before passing Fesantekraal return to the BP via Wellington and Tiekie +-90km

Club Ride: Silos from the BP over Tiekie through Durbanville down Wellington left into Philadelphia return to the BP via Adderley and Tiekie +-80km

See route for details

Sunday 17 February Llandudno/Chapman’s Peak 06h30

From the BP through Century City to Marine Drive, N1 and the Waterfront to Llandudno +-70km with the option of Chappies +-90km

See route for details

Tuesday 19 February CCC loops 05h00

From the BP, CCC loops +-45km/90 minutes long

See route for details 

Thursday 21 February Big Bay Intervals 05h00

From the BP via Bosmansdam, follow the cycle lane via Dolphin Beach to Big Bay where we do a few laps on the circuit +-45km/90 minutes

See route for details 


Congrats and well done to all who did the 99ER it was quite a tough finish!

Unfortunately we had to cancel our club race as the Cyclosportiff is using Slent road on Sunday.

Three weeks to go before the Cycle Tour and its nice to see how our members have improved on their fitness by being consistent with their training.

Sunday 24 February is the Tour De PPA 110km, and most of our members will be taking part, so looking forward to see everyone in club kit. 

Club Membership fees are due for 2019 please visit our website and fill out our online application form for 2019 season

Road Coordinator: Nathan Reid – 083 299 4503

Mountain Bike: Please contact Deon Muller – 082 371 9284 Whatsapp Only for more info on MTB rides. 


All rides starts at the BP service station in Letchworth Drive Edgemead at 06h30 am.

Visitors are always welcome. Please introduce yourself to the ride coordinator at the start and please make sure that you are carrying ICE information or pass that information on to the ride coordinator before the start. Please note that as a club we obey traffic rules and regulations and expect our visitors to do the same. First time visitors are required to sign an indemnity form. 


Obey traffic signals – red lights

Ride inside the yellow line

Single file on narrow roads

Point out objects in the road

Bunch Etiquette

Blow your nose at the back of the bunch

Don’t attack – training rides are just that – training rides

Don’t half bike

Be punctual

Saturdays – rides are slower and easier so beginners are welcome. We try and cater for a long and short group depending on the turn-outs. 

Sundays – rides are usually more challenging i.e. 30+ km/hr pace. We however try and cater for multiple groups with separate capabilities, depending on the turn-outs on the day. 

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