Newsletter – 14-Oct-2021

Weekend rides

Saturday 16 October
Fastgroup ride 06h15 Duynefontein +-60km
Club ride 06h30 Duynefontein +-60km

Sunday 17 October
Fastgroup ride 06h15 Jonkershoek via Polkadraai return to the BP via the R44 (Beverly Hills) and Bottelary +-100km
Club ride 06h30 Jonkershoek via Bottelary and the R304 return to the BP via Bottelary +-100km

Congrats and Welldone to everyone who took part in the Cape Town Cycle Tour
From the cyclists who did it for the first time to the more experienced Cycletour veteran
We all had a great time cycling around the Peninsula
The City Gees was unbelievable on the day
The hours and hours of consistent training definitely makes it easier cycling the 109km distance nonstop
Those that might have struggled or suffered a bit more take heart from the fact that we were barely a month out of winter and cycling 109km couldn’t have been easy for many of the cyclists that took part in the Cycle tour
13 March 2022 the Cycletour is back
City’s Cycletour Double has a nice ring to it
Cycle tour Double means cycling the 109km distance twice on the same day
There are many big goals in the cyclist’s bucket list of things to achieve
The first thing people usually ask if they hear you into cycling is have you done the Cycletour
Imagine being able to say I cycled it twice on the same day
The second time can be like a club ride of City members
More details to follow just give it some thought for now
Our DC teams have training rides and if you are interested in the City Cycletour Double then join our training rides going forward
Unfortunately, we have City cyclists on the injury or sickness list
We wish all of youse a speedy recovery from you’re ailments
Stay City positive as you slowly ease into a training routine as you get healthier
For those that we’re unable to take part in the Cycle tour its only five months before the Cycletour takes place again
Five months of warm weather to look forward to as you embark on a more serious approach to your training routine
To our Cycletour newbies five months to improve on your cycling abilities
The feedback from our members was that our Peninsula club rides made a big difference when it came to cycling around the Peninsula on the day of the Cycle tour
Being familiar with the route and used to 100+km rides gives you peace of mind on race day
By now being part of a cycling club you know no one can pedal for you
There’s no better motivation to stay consistent with you’re training than cycling every weekend with like-minded cyclists
Looking forward to our members looking after each other on our 100+km rides
We need to stay vigilant on our bikes as we spend more time in the saddle
Our members were definitely City Strong as we had numerous sub-3hours Cycletour finishers
I must once again Congratulate and say well done to all of them for the inspiration they inspire in each and every one of our CITY family
Please take note our club rides start at 06h30 going forward

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