Newsletter – 15-Jun-2022

Weekend Rides
Thursday 16 June club ride 07h00 Llandudno+-70km
Saturday 18 June 07h00 5 Laps in Duynefontein+-66km
Sunday 19 June club ride 07h00
Peninsula Loop via Fishhoek+-100km
Congrats and Welldone to our members who raced at Lady Loch on sunday
It’s clear to see the members who took part in the WP League over the course of the six events WP hosted have made tremendous improvements every week by being forced to ride at racepace at every event for six weeks in a row
Your body can adapt and get stronger if you ride with stronger cyclists every week
The same goes for riding with stronger cyclists at our club rides
We want to have club races in July and August
That’s why we have our 5Lap challenge in Duynefontein
This is to ease our members into riding at racepace for 5Laps to better prepare them for our upcoming club races
The Duynefontein route is ideal for this time of year where our rides start at 07h00
The roads are a bit busier on saturdays
Sundays the roads are a bit quieter especially for our Peninsula rides
A short intense 60km ride is great training if you want to get back into the swing of training consistently through winter
The deadline for entries for the Velddrif 222 is 16 June
The cyclists who have been riding in the different categories at the WP League can ride as a team to use the route as training and to recon the route for future events so they can be better prepared for it
There have been nonstop cycling events on TV and we weeks away from the Tour de France
This is great motivation for training on the trainer
No rain predicted for the rest of the week
Looking forward to our members making use of the opportunity to cycle outdoors by joining our rides

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