Newsletter – 16-Sep-2021

Weekend rides
Saturday 18 September
06h00 Fastgroup ride Cycletour route +-135km
Club ride 07h00 Slent road Loop +-100km

Sunday 19 September
06h45 Fastgroup ride Llandudno +-70km
Club ride 07h00 Llandudno +-70km

A big Kudos to our regular club riders who braved the wind and cycled their longest club ride on Saturday
It’s great to see the City Gees amongst our members who aren’t afraid to take on the 100+km club rides
Cyclists usually stick to a training plan that they comfortable with
A progressive training plan is about constantly challenging yourself by either increasing your training load, workout intensity or working on your weaknesses
Don’t chop and change your training sessions every second week because you not seeing results and think the newer workouts will do the trick
It takes many months of consistent training to see results
Active recovery rides play an important role in the recovery process
Don’t just put your bike away after the weekend rides
One or two recovery spin’s should speed up the healing of tired muscles
Strava is a great cycling app where you can go back on your activities and see your progress or go back on you’re fellow club members activities and see their progress
Great motivation to stay on track with your training
Our longer club rides are to get our members to spend more time in the saddle in a group than having to cycle for hours by yourself
Our members are eagerly looking forward to the Cape Town Cycletour which is weeks away
The Western Cape dropped down to level 2 of Lockdown and we keep our fingers crossed that the Cycletour will take place
Graham Ward and other City members do our CCC Loops on Tuesdays at club ride pace
Your welcome to join them
Uys Krige on our CCC Loops is great hill training very similar to the Cycletour start
You can do it any day of the week between your active recovery rides
I must Congratulate and say Welldone to our City members who participated in the different cycling events that took place recently
It’s very inspirational to see how much they have improved by training through winter
From the 15-year-old youngsters to the more experienced members
They took to Racing with gusto and achieved excellent results
They proudly following in the footsteps of the City cycling club Legacy and History of the Racing Spirit in our members
Looking forward to our members riding in club kit as they cycle outside their comfort zone’s as they take on the rolling hills of the weekend rides
Stay City Positive as we encourage each other on our rides

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