Newsletter – 17-Dec-2021

Weekend Rides
Thursday 16 December 06h30 Club Ride
Bigbay with uphill sprints return to the BP via Melkbos +-50km

Saturday 18 December Fastgroup Ride 06h15
Jonkershoek via Polkadraai +-100km
Club Ride 06h30
Melkbos +-50km

Sunday 19 December
Club Ride 06h00
Peninsula Loop via Fishhoek +-100km
Fastgroup Ride 06h15
Peninsula Loop via Fishhoek+-100km

Congrats and Welldone to our members who took part in the PPA’s Sportiff
By now it’s clear to see the Gees for cycling is Strong within City
Be it racing; joining the weekend rides or just staying consistent with their training
They took it all in their stride this year
Through the High’s and Low’s there was always a fellow club member to motivate or inspire us to keep going
Happy Holidays to all
Stay safe on and off the bike
At City we cycle to be able to cycle again
No need to recklessly take chances especially this time of year with the increase in the traffic flow
We will ease up or wait for cyclist that get caught in traffic
Rather safe than sorry
Be considerate of motorists and pedestrians over the holidays
Please refrain from shouting or swearing at motorists eventhough they might be hooting unnecessary
When wearing City kit you representing City
Stay City friendly on our rides
Anyone is welcome to join our rides over the holidays
Membership renewals for 2022 can be done online from now already
City Cycling Club is a 130 years old and totally reliant on membership fees to stay active
Membership fee is R360 for 2022
From January the Cycletour will be roughly two months away
Our members need to stay active over the next two weeks
Looking forward to our members joining the midweek and weekend rides over the holidays as we stay on track with our training leading to the Cycletour
Let’s end the year City Strong

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