Newsletter – 17-Feb-2021

Weekend Rides

Saturday 20 February 06h15

  • Fast group Ride Peninsula Loop via Boyes Drive +-100km
  • Club Ride 06h30 Tiekie Loop via Frans Conradie and Malanshoogte +-60km
  • Social Ride 06h45 Malanshoogte +1 CCC loop +-50km


Sunday 21 February 06h30

  • Club Ride Llandudno +-70km

Our Peninsula rides have been well attended but unfortunately, our members haven’t been regrouping like we usually do. We need to get back to regrouping especially with the slightly different route via Boyes Drive. Our City family has grown nicely and we need to look after them on our rides.

Socialites, Our ride for Saturday, 20th, leaving BP at 6h45, we will do one CCC loop, then head out to Malanshoogte to the Gravel road and back to the BP. +-50km. Average 22kph. We stick together. We will be doing some climbs so pack for 70km. Reminder 2 bottles of liquids are best, at least one with a fuel. Something to eat, Bananas, Energy Bar. See you there.

We coming up on the one-year anniversary of the last time most of our members took part in a cycle race before Covid changed our lives forever. I’ve at all times tried to be positive with my weekly notes and I’m very glad to see it’s rubbing off on our members. They look forward to the weekend rides as I do and even bring their kids, family members, or friends along on our rides. We as a cycling club can take heart from it. We just need to look the same on our rides. Please wear our new club jersey on our rides.

Please contact me for any more details on our rides. Looking forward to seeing our members keep up their midweek training.
A Congrats and Welldone to our members who manage to stay away from the Duynefontein route as we took on the February challenge of riding outside our comfort zone. Only two weekends left of the month, we can keep it up.