Newsletter 17-May-2022

Weekend Rides
Saturday 21 May
Endurance Training Ride 06h00
A short hilly route of Kloofnek; Table mountain road and Signal hill
Down the Glen to the Waterfront for a coffee stop before returning to the BP+-60km
Club ride 06h30
Fesantekraal via Bottelary+-75km
Sunday 22 May Club ride 06h30 Chapman’s peak+-90km
Shorter route option is Sandy bay and the top of Llandudno hill+-70km
Big Kudos to our members who raced at Perdeberg
Cycling at racepace over rolling hills is tough
Our members showed they City Strong at Perdeberg
It’s amazing to see what distances and mountain passes the pro’s cycle daily at the Giro
Here at City we don’t need to train like the pro’s but we have to follow some type of training plan
We weeks away from winter and it was very motivational to see our members maintaining their fitness sofar over autumn by joining the weekend rides
Every week i try to encourage our members to spend time in the saddle (TITS)
TITS will make you a better and stronger cyclists if you do it with a structured routine
Train smart not only hard
On Strava i can see our members are training consistently with midweek hill repeats and either WP racing or hilly route rides on weekends
No one can pedal for you
Especially uphill or at pace
Our club ride pace is usually 30+km on the flats over distances of 60km or more
This is the best time to make improvements on your cycling abilities if you slightly of the club ride pace if you train consistently
Best of luck to our members racing at Slanghoek on sunday
Our club riders need more elevation in their rides so they can get better at riding uphill or over rolling hills
There’s a saying a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link
Let’s build a City Strong chain by working on our TITS

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