Newsletter 2-Jun-2021

Weekend Rides
Saturday 05 June 06h55
Slent road +-100km
Shorter route option Silos +-80km

Sunday 06 June 06h55
Malanshoogte hillclimb challenge

Apart from our members who took part in the PPA Sportiff on Sunday
We also had over 30 members cycling our 100km peninsula club ride
Congrats and Welldone to all who cycled on Sunday
It was a great day in the saddle
I’m sure most of our members can agree we need to work on improving our fitness
A nonstop 109km like the Cycletour you looking at three to four hours for our regular club riders to complete the distance
You definitely need motivation if you plan on cycling through winter
Luckily you part of the City family where we don’t only cycle together but experience all the joys and misery of winter together
It keeps you going seeing you’re fellow club members shivering next to you and the joy and satisfaction of having finished another great ride when you having coffee at the BP and merrily chatting away with the cyclist you rode with
There’s always a difference in strength levels at a cycling club
Don’t be disheartened by this
We all started more or less like the newbies we have at the club now
Cycling with the club is like learning to drive where you start off slow, get comfortable behind the wheel, get used to traffic and finally drive on the freeways
The slight difference is that you are the engine when you are on your bike
You need to feed your engine especially on 100+km ride otherwise you bonk (run out of energy)
Drink regularly otherwise you might dehydrate and might even cramp
Cycle the proper gears for the terrain if not you might what we say in cycling is to run out of legs
Try to keep your pedaling cadence high
The traffic similarity is picking wheels, staying in the wheels especially when it’s windy
By picking wheels I mean try to cycle behind someone that’s bigger than you and try to stay on his wheel without overlapping his rear wheel
Then there’s the paceline where cyclists keep rotating to the left or right depending on which direction the wind is blowing
This is freeway driving for me where you have to be comfortable in the saddle at high speeds and close to other cyclists while moving around in the group
Now it’s up to you to be the best fuel-efficient cyclists when cycling 100+km rides
Just like driving long distances no unnecessary surge’s using your gears to keep your cadence high and eating and drinking before running out of energy
Looking forward to our members supporting our second club event at Malanshoogte
At City cycling club we let our legs do the talking 🚴Nathan Reid +27 83 299 4503

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