Newsletter – 2-Jun-22

Weekend Rides
Saturday 04 June club ride 07h00
Duynefontein+5 laps+-60km
Sunday 05June club ride 07h00 Peninsula Loop via Fishhoek+-100km
Autumn is over and we in winter
Our club rides start at 07h00
The Giro is over and it was great to see how the pro’s race daily in a three week Grand Tour
Very inspiring and motivating
What the pro’s usually say when they interviewed is that they worked hard through winter for the upcoming racing season
It’s our winter now and its up to our members to do the hard work
I’ve been encouraging our members to get into a training routine for quite some time
It takes time or more likely months for your body to adapt to a new training routine
Especially if you working on your cycling weaknesses
Patience and consistency is key
Our members have been racing for the last four weeks in the WP League and they were so committed that they even raced in the rain this past sunday
Congrats and Well-done to these members
There’s already a difference in strength levels on the weekend rides
The cyclists who have been taking it easy in the week are struggling to keep up on the flat Duynefontein route
You part of a cycling club
A cycling club cycles every weekend
It’s expected of members of a cycling club to maintain a training routine throughout the year
In cycling there’s a saying
It never gets easier
You learn to dig deeper and go faster
There’s no better feeling in the world than experiencing it firsthand how you’re body adapt to a training routine by getting stronger
You able to cycling stronger and faster into a headwind; uphill or on the flats
Best of luck to our members racing at Red hill

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