Newsletter – 20-Jan-2022

Weekend Rides
Saturday 22 January Fastgroup ride 06h15
Jonkershoek via Polkadraai return via the R44 and Bottelary+-100km
Club ride 06h30 Duynefontein+-60km
Sunday 23 January club ride 06h00
Peninsula route via Fishhoek+-100km
Fastgroup ride 06h15 Peninsula via Fishhoek+-100km
Best of luck to our members taking part in the western province championship’s
Due to the bigger turnout on the weekend rides there’s a need to split the club rides into two groups
Cyclist who can cycle at 30+ km need to become the intermediate group
The intermediate group can meet up at the BP at 06h20
They can decide on either cycling the Fastgroup or club ride’s route
For the safety of our members we need to have seperate smaller groups than a big group especially cycling around the Peninsula
We need a member with experience to be the ride captain of the intermediate group who can enforce regrouping and keep the group together along the route
Please let me know if you are interested in being the ride captain or assist the ride captain or just planning on joining the intermediate’s at 06h20
Hopefully by members contacting me beforehand it will prevent members standing around wondering whose all joining and who’s the ride captain
The rides will be the same like our usual club rides
It’s 2022 and we need our members to renew their yearly membership
City Cycling Club rely on membership fees to stay an active cycling club
Looking forward to another great turnout of our members in Club kit on the weekend rides as we journey onwards to the Cycletour
City Strong is very evident to see by the Gees in the club

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