Newsletter 22-Apr-2021

Weekend Rides
Saturday 24 April 06h30
Duynefontein with four uphill sprints in Bigbay and four Loops in Duynefontein
Sunday 25 April 06h30
Fesantekraal via Bottelary +-80km
Lets give Llandudno a break and I’ll be joining the club ride
Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise that there is
To be part of a cycling club is even better
On a weekly basis you get to interact with you’re fellow club members
Which for me has become like my second family
The best of joining the weekend rides on a weekly basis is that you get to see firsthand the progress some of our newer members have made after a couple of months of being consistent with their training
The self confidence is clearly visible on the rides
They not moaning and groaning about getting dropped or the more frequent question of what pace will we be cycling at
The plan of cycling the Duynefontein route for the month of April is definitely improving our members fitness and their ability to keep up at 30+km speeds on the club rides
It’s amazing to see how your body can get used to cycling at a faster pace if you keep doing it
PPA have fun rides planned
WP have road races planned
The Cycletour have a date in October
This is a good time to remind our members that you rarely ride at a pace you comfortable with at these events
The same goes for you’re training, you can’t just do endless rides at a pace you comfortable with
Not to sound like a broken record but by adding some type of intervals to your midweek training you’ll definitely get fitter quicker
Our weekend rides are well attended and we’ve been blessed with great cycling weather at the moment
Mark Syce is handling our kit and you can contact him at +27833189379
We have jerseys,bib shorts,cycling shorts, cycling caps, and buffs in stock
Our gilets will be ready in three weeks time
On the aspect of safety, you must at all times consider the lives of the cyclists you riding with when it comes to amber traffic lights
It’s best to stop than to cycle through it
You only endangering the lives of the cyclists behind you
Looking forward to our members pointing out objects in the road when they join our rides
Please renew your club membership if you haven’t done it as yet

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