Newsletter – 22-Dec-2021

Weekend Rides
Thursday 23 December 06h30 Club Ride
Bigbay uphill sprints
Return to the BP via Melkbos+-50km

Saturday 25 December 06h30 Bigbay
Our annual Xmas day spin to Bigbay
At Ons Huisie we take a group pic before returning to the BP+-30km

Sunday 26 December
Fastgroup ride 06h15
Peninsula Loop via Boyes Drive+-100km
Club ride 06h30

A Merry Christmas to our members celebrating Christmas
Some of our members are away on holiday over the next two weeks while the Fastgroup cyclist work on their endurance miles
By doing daily rides you build on you’re endurance base
All the competitive cyclist are doing it not only City members
Their might be some friendly disagreements about the approach to the weekend rides but the positive aspect to take away from it is we all out training every week trying to get fitter and stronger
The cycletour is taking place in March but there’s other cycling events taking place before it
The 99er cycletour 12 February over 103km is a popular event for our members as it starts in Durbanville
This is a tough event taking in our local hills like Tiekiedraai and Vissershok
It finishes 400 meters uphill on Odendaal road
For this event and other upcoming events our Fastgroup cyclist want to be better prepared by cycling nonstop over longer distances with minimal regrouping
This by no means affect our regular club rides which will go ahead as usual
Our DC team the Booties are still going strong by cycling together over the weekend’s
This is another option for our members who feel the Fastgroup is a bit to fast by joining the Booties
The Rapha 500 is a popular challenge on Strava that our members take on to keep them motivated to cycle 500km between Xmas and the new year
This is great for your endurance base especially if you can do it with your fellow City members
The City Strong Gees is on a high after the successful year our members had
Remember to renew your club membership for 2022

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