Newsletter – 23-Jun-2021

Weekend Rides
Saturday 26 June 06h55 Duynefontein +Laps +-65km
Sunday 27 June Atlantis handicap club race

Our club race will start and finish at Neil Hare drive or near the William Gorley street intersection Atlantis Industrial
There is a limited number of spaces available in the club’s Kombi. The spaces will be filled on a first-come first-served basis. Between 06h00and 06h25 our members will meet up at the BP. Our club Kombi will also be at the BP Leaving the BP exactly at 06h30. Please allow time for loading the bikes. Our members usually arrange amongst each other lifts to get to Atlantis. Please let me know if you have space in your vehicle for club members. A club race is not only for the faster cyclists of the club. Our regular club riders use it like 60+ minutes of nonstop training at a slightly faster pace. A handicap club race means that you still get to cycle with the cyclists that you usually ride with on the weekend rides.

We had a great turnout for our 100km club ride and our 120km Malmesbury ride as well. For the month of July, we will have more 100km club rides and 120km rides as well. The Social group is getting back to cycling together again. The Social group ride at a slightly slower pace than the club ride. We have cyclists who started with the Social group but after a couple of months of consistent training are now regular club riders.

We have cyclists who recently joined City. City’s Committee would like to thank them and our regular members who renewed their membership for 2021. Without these financial contributions City won’t be able to exist as a cycling club. City cycling club doesn’t have any financial sponsors. The yearly membership fee from our members makes it possible for City to pay Western Provinces Cycling Association affiliation fees. General upkeep and maintenance of our club Kombi. The never-ending buying of club kit so that we can at all times have club kit available for our members. Monthly overheads of our clubhouse. Coffee rides and Boerewors ride. Website maintenance and upkeep. Our reintroduction of club events also cost money.

From the experiences of our hill climb events we also need to invest in a timing of sports races type of app for our next hill climb event City also had 6 track bikes serviced and repaired so that our younger members can get track experiences by cycling on the Belleville velodrome. With cycling events, few and far apart our club events are a great motivation for our members to stay on track with their training. Our faster and stronger members also get to race at a race pace for the win at the different events that we host. This competitive rivalry brings out the best in each and every one of our members on a weekly basis. Looking forward to the cyclists that ride with City every weekend to take out a membership so that they can help to contribute to the growth of our cycling club and buy our club jerseys so they can look like the part of a cycling club when they ride with City. Our members are proud to wear our club kit on our rides

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