Newsletter – 24-Aug-2021

Weekend Rides
Saturday 27 August 06h45
– Club Ride Melkbos +-50km
Sunday 28 August 06h00
– Fastgroup Ride 06h00 Cycletour Route +-135km
– Club Ride 06h00 Peninsula Loop via Black hill +-105km
From September we are one month away from the Cape Town Cycle Tour and our members are well on track with their training towards the Big Day
The Cycletour route from the BP is roughly 140km which can be beneficial in two ways
It let our members get more used to the Cycletour route and is also great DC training
Cycling with the Fast group is similar to taking part in the Cycletour
You are never in your comfort zone and you have to dig deeper on the long climbs
There’s no better preparation than doing rides on the actual route of the Cycletour
Our regular club ride is Peninsula Loop via Black hill which is a step up from Peninsula Loop via Fishhoek
This is also great preparation leading to the Cycletour for our regular club riders
The biggest mistake our members can make is to change their training routine with DC entries opening this week
November 27 is the day of the DC
I’d advise our members to focus more on the Cycletour and stick to what they have been doing sofar
Sunday is our second 140km Cycletour ride and a great morale booster to go into September with two 140km rides under their belt’s
Every week I like to motivate our members by showing our members midweek workouts which is the mainstay of their improvements
Staying consistent with your training is the cornerstone of any cyclists training routine no matter what your current level of fitness is
Getting City Tough and Strong isn’t easy but definitely doable
There are many City members whose done it
You can only grow in self-confidence by doing our 100+km rides and realizing afterward that you did it
Cadence training is a must on any training program especially on 100+km rides
You need to look after your legs by cycling at a higher cadence wherever possible especially on the climbs
It still surprises me that members who have been with City for years still ride in heavier gear than necessary on long climbs
You need to ride in small blade once or twice a week to get used to the higher cadence
This will take time but your legs will adapt and get used to the higher cadence
Looking forward to our members riding in club kit on our rides as they get City Stronger and Tougher

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