Newsletter – 25/04/2019


Saturday 27 April Silos/Slent Road

Fastgroup ride Silos/Slent: from the BP over Tiekie through Durbanville down Wellington and follow the the road at the Silos we cross over and do a lap of Slent road before returning to the BP via Wellington and Tiekie +-100km. 
Club Ride Silos: from the BP over Tiekie through Durbanville down Wellington left into Philadelphia and return to the BP via Adderley and Tiekie +-80km

Strava route map: 

Sunday 28 April Bainskloof/Wellington

From the BP over Tiekie through Durbanville down Wellington left at the Fesantekraal turnoff and follow the road till the R44 from there its left and follow the road to Wellington +-120km its up to the cyclists if they want to climb Bainskloof. There is an option to turn at 40km from the BP.

Strava route map:

Wednesday 01 May Chapman’s Peak

From the BP through Century City to Marine Drive, N1 and the Waterfront on our way to Llandudno and Chappies +-90km

Strava route map:


  • CCC member, David Kleynhans, is planning an Everest attempt cycling up Bainskloof pass  starting on Saturday 27 at 12h00 the afternoon, finishing on Sunday 28 April 12h00 the afternoon. He will need to repeat the climb an estimate 20 times to achieve the 8848m elevation gain required, and will appreciate any support from our members. For further details contact David at 0714067007. CCC wish him only the best towards his goal and hope he raises lots of money for his charities. We will have our Kombi for backup on Sunday for the club ride to Bainskloof. 
  • 05 May the next WP Road race is at Paardeberg. For more details go to the WP website. Hope to see our members participating
  • Saturday 11 May – Our first DC training ride is Malmesbury +-120km. Anyone is welcome to join our rides. 

Hope to see you on the road!

Nathan Reid+27 83 299 4503

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