Newsletter – 26-Apr-2022

Wednesday 27 April Club ride 06h30 Llandudno+-70km
Saturday 30 April Club ride 06h30Fesantekraal via Bottelary+-75km
Sunday 01May Club ride 06h30 Peninsula Loop via Fishhoek+-100km
Monday 02 May Club ride 06h30 Llandudno+-70km
I would like to remind our members that City Cycling Club is a social cycling club
We don’t have sponsors sponsoring the club
We rely totally on our members renewing their club membership annually
Unfortunately there’s members who haven’t renewed their membership
Please show your support for City Cycling Club by renewing your club membership
Members will be removed from the club’s WhatsApp chatgroup if they don’t renew their membership
We entering the last month of autumn in May
We have another long weekend of cycling to look forward too
Wednesday is another public holiday aswell
Wednesday our club ride is to Llandudno
There is a hillier option for our members
The plan is to cycle over Kloofnek past the cable car station to the end of Tafelberg road from there the cyclists can decide which other hills to do with an optional coffee stop on our return leg
Saturday we taking a break from the Duynefontein route by cycling to Fesantekraal via Bottelary and return to the BP over Tiekiedraai
Sunday we cycling around the Peninsula with the usual regrouping along the way
Monday we end of the long weekend by an easy club ride to Llandudno
Looking forward to see our members staying as consistent as they have been so far in autumn

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