Newsletter – 26-Feb-2021

Weekend Rides

Saturday 27 February 

Sunday 28 February

It feels like yesterday when we had our new year spin to Signal Hill
Amazing how time flies
Its the end of February this weekend
As we head into March there’s finally live cycling on TV
Though there might not be any Racing events for most of our members as we head into autumn
That doesn’t mean we can’t keep up our training and can still look forward to the weekend rides
Autumn might be three months long but I prefer to take it on a monthly basis which I then break up into weekly training sessions
Two rides midweek and two-weekend rides are more than enough to keep up our fitness
There’s no need to go into hibernation mode, we not bears
As long as we stay positive and inspire each other with our positivity I’m sure most of our members will even get fitter through autumn
Please renew your club membership for 2021
Don’t forget to wear our new club jersey on our rides
Looking forward to seeing more of our members joining our midweek rides