Newsletter 26-Mar-2021

Weekend Rides

Saturday 27 March
06h15 Fastgroup Ride Duynefontein with laps in Bigbay and Duynefontein +-70km
06h30 Club Ride Duynefontein with laps in Bigbay and Duynefontein +-70km

Sunday 28 March 06h30
Peninsula Loop via Fishhoek +-100km

Congrats and Welldone to all our members who took part in SA Champs
It’s quite an achievement Racing against the best cyclists in South Africa
Our annual AGM is Saturday 14h00 at the Edgemead Community Hall
Everyone is welcome to attend
Most of the cyclist of the Fast group are on Strava and the members who are interested in joining the Fast group can see the type of speed we cycle at and the type of training we do during the week be it on the road or on an indoor trainer
The first step in any training program is to have a Positive Mental Attitude towards your training
I’ve said it before and will say it again in cycling no one can pedal for you
This is the ideal time of year for short hard training sessions to work on improving your power output
For example our CCC Loops it’s on the doorstep of most of our members and I’m sure everyone is familiar with the hill on Uys Krige
That’s where you must put in the biggest effort of the CCC Loop
Really attack it while still trying to pace yourself so that you don’t fail before reaching the top of the hill
Our members have made great improvements by just doing that on Tuesdays and Bigbay on Thursdays
There are numerous other training programs available nowadays
Doesn’t really matter which training program you choose
It comes down to the intensity you bring to your training and staying consistent month after month
You’ll definitely see the improvements you make on Strava
A BIG thank you again to our members for wearing our new club jersey on the weekend rides
There’s no better feeling in the world than to see the pride our members take in wearing our new club jersey so we can look like a cycling club on our rides
Those that are interested in our new gilet please let me know we have to order by next week
Looking forward to seeing our members cycle the Peninsula Loop on Sunday
As a cycling club, we need to cycle different cycling routes so that the cycling community can see we an active social cycling club
Nathan Reid 083 299 4503

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