Newsletter – 26-May-2022

Weekend Rides
Saturday 28 May Club ride 06h30
A quick ride to Duynefontein to keep us warm
After three laps in Duynefontein we return to the BP via the coastal road
Sunday 29 May Club ride 06h30 Peninsula Loop via Fishhoek+-100km
The Peninsula ride is a club ride with the usual regrouping along the way
Congrats and welldone to our members who raced at Slanghoek
The members who are taking part in the WP League are riding at racepace every weekend
There will be a difference in strength levels once these members return to club rides
I can only urge our members to train on there cycling weaknesses through the upcoming winter months
Hills is the difference maker
We have plenty of hills locally
There’s no need to do hill repeats in unsafe areas
Try to do hill repeats in bigblade only
We all can’t train on the road in the week
A Smart trainer is a good option for indoor training
There’s no such thing as i can’t ride in one place
A proper interval workout won’t give you time to get bored
There’s no disruptions like traffic or the weather or any other type of distractions
With high tempo music from your headphones its just you trying to stay on top of your intervals for the duration of the interval
On the road you can ease up and don’t even need to pedal sometimes
On the trainer its nonstop pedaling
We a cycling family
We have to stay active through winter
Best of luck to our members racing at Paarl de Ville
Club rides will start from 07h00 in June

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