Newsletter – 27-Jan-2022

Weekend Rides

Saturday 29 January
-Fastgroup ride 06h15 Klapmuts via Polkadraai+-100km
-Club ride 06h30 Duynefontein+-60km

Sunday 30 January
-Club ride 06h00 Peninsula Loop via Fishhoek+-100km
-Fastgroup ride 06h15 Peninsula Loop via Fishhoek+-100km

Congrats and Welldone to our City members who competed at the Western Cape championship’s over the weekend
Best of luck to our members participating in the tour of the Winelands
This race should be a good indicator of your current fitness level
Cycling nonstop over a distance of 100km isn’t easy but with eating and drinking regularly and pacing yourself you should be able to finish the race strong
For the month of January, we had great turnout’s for our midweek training sessions at 05h00
There’s definitely an improvement in our member’s fitness and they eagerly looking forward to another month of consistent training so they can be in the best physical shape by the time of the Cycle tour
At City, we are blessed with strong cyclists who inspire our members on a weekly basis
We might not be able to ride with them at cycling events but we do get the opportunity to train with them at our midweek training rides
There’s no better feel-good feeling than being able to see your own physical improvements like I’m sure our members can see for themselves after months of consistent training
Looking forward to seeing our members staying on track with their midweek training with the 99er two weeks away
No one can pedal for you
It’s up to you to stay committed to training for the month of February if you want to be City Strong at the Cycletour in March

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