Newsletter 28-May-2021

Weekend Rides
Saturday 29 May 06h55
Duynefontein +-60km
Sunday 30 May 06h55
Peninsula Loop via Fishhoek +-100km
First and foremost I must congratulate our members who got up very early to race in Slanghoek
The results from the various different categories are truly inspirational
Sunday is the first PPA cycling event of the year
Best of luck to our members that are participating
As road captain, I must at all times try to arrange rides that have the best benefit for the majority of our members
The Cape Town Cycle tour is taking place in October and from the turnout of City members for our Jonkershoek ride
It’s clear to see that our City family is ready for longer rides and rolling hills
They eager to improve on their fitness leading to the Cycle tour
Due to a slight miscalculation on my side, we ended up cycling 100km on the day
Even though we had quite a variety of strength levels we were able to work nicely together by regrouping and willing to wait for puncture repairs
The most important aspect of our club rides is regrouping
That’s where we do a headcount to ensure we all together before setting off again
There’s no need to go into details about the dangers of cycling alone or a small group
Speak up when you see cyclists are not stopping at our regrouping points or cyclists are missing from the group
I have a positive outlook on life and prefer to learn from past mistakes and hopefully learn from them going forward
Treat your fellow club cyclist like you would like to be treated when you join our rides .simple as that
I have a 100km and a 120km ride planned for June
So keep up the training
Let’s not be uncertain of which group to cycle with when you get to the BP its cold enough without needing to stand around longer than necessary
By now everyone is on WhatsApp so private message fellow members and arrange a second group to cycle the same route as the club ride
No one can cycle 109km for you it takes months of consistent training to prepare your body and mind for it
The same goes for cycling 200km in one day
Unfortunately cycling to Duynefontein every weekend won’t properly prepare you for the Cycle tour
City has a proud history and a bright future
Let’s all work together to keep the legacy going by being respectful and courteous at all times when wearing our club kit
I see a few oddball colored jerseys creeping into our rides again
City members at all times wear our club jersey when they join our rides
Oddball colored jerseys are for your midweek rides
Contact Nathan Reid 0832994503 in regards to club kit or membership queries
Looking forward to our members going outside their comfort zone of only wanting to cycle easy rides
Let’s get together and start the second group that follow the club rides

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