Newsletter – 28-Oct-2021

Weekend Rides

Saturday 30 October
06h15 Fastgroup ride Jonkershoek via Polkadraai +-100km
06h30 Club ride Polkadraai +-75km

Sunday 31 October
06h15 Fastgroup ride Chapman’s Peak +-90km
06h30 Club ride Llandudno +-70km

We roughly 45 days away from the December holidays
Our regular club riders have been taking it easy since the Cycletour
It’s time to get back into the swing of cycling again
Here’s some advice to our members who averaged 25km or less in the Cycletour
The biggest way to improve your average speed is your start time
By starting earlier you have a better chance on improving on your average speed
Second is your climbing ability
If you can’t climb faster it makes it difficult to improve your average speed
Third is flat road speed
If you can’t keep up with the bunch on the flats you know it decline in average speed
This is the major requirements that’s needed for improving on your average speed
Time In The Saddle (TITS)
Is the biggest step on your journey to improving on your cycling ability
Monday’s are usually rest days
Tuesday’s are hill type of training like our CCC Loops
Wednesday’s are smallblade active recovery spins
Thursday’s are a bit of both hills and flats like our Bigbay uphill sprints
Friday’s are rest days
Either Saturday’s or Sunday’s is your long club ride
The other day of the weekend is either a active recovery spin or a leg loosener
Let’s stay consistent with this training routine for at least till the December holidays
Im sure some of the cyclists who averaged 25km or less had some difficulty in the second half of the Cycletour
Like cramping or a lack of endurance
On a positive note you came out of winter and by your result at the Cycletour you have a better understanding of what is required from you to improve
Please take note of what i said
What is required from you!!
At City there’s plenty of inspiration and motivation from our members on a weekly basis
For instance the 05h00 crew
Every week they stay consistent with their training
They start their weekly training sessions at 05h00
You might not need to do your training sessions at 05h00 but it comes down to your commitment if you want to improve
Best of luck to our members taking part in the Sportiff
Looking forward to see more of our members at the club rides
Please be careful cycling past Khayamandi
Bring your teargas along and keep the group together going through Stellenbosch

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