Newsletter 30-Apr-2021

Weekend Rides
Saturday 01 May 06h55 to leave exactly at 07h00
Duynefontein with our Loops in Bigbay and Duynefontein +-70km
Sunday 02 May Polkadraai +-75km
Best of luck to our members Racing on Sunday at Killarney
We heading into the final month of autumn and had great turnout’s
Let’s keep it up
The City cycling club Committee meeting will be held on 03 May
The main topic of discussion will be club Racing
I”ll keep our members informed of what was decided
In regards to club kit unfortunately due to work commitments Mark Syce won’t be able to handle our club kit
Nathan Reid will be handling club kit 0832994503
I feel the need to bring up cycling safety concerns
When riding in a group try to keep your line at all times
No sudden swerving to the left or right
No half wheeling
Half wheeling is when you’re front wheel overlap the back wheel of the cyclists in front of you
If the cyclists ahead should suddenly swerve towards you you have nowhere to go and will crash
No overtaking on the left
When riding in front don’t try to look behind you
If possible go to the left or right when you want to look behind you
Make sure your bottle cages are properly secured and your water bottles fit tightly in them
A water bottle can become very dangerous when it bounces from you’re cage
There will always be motorists doing idiotic things on the road which sometimes endangers cyclists
Try to refrain from any road rage incidents
When puncturing try to stay away from the yellow line
The same for the cyclist who stops with you
This is for other cyclists to be able to pass you without having to go into the road
Make sure you’re wheels are properly inflated before every ride +-100PSI is the norm
No earphones on our rides
Don’t let gaps open
Stay on the wheels
When you accelerate to close the gap the cyclists behind struggle to follow you’re wheel
There’s cyclist who like to attack the rides
They don’t come to the front to take a turn
They prefer to come sprinting past and disrupt the flow of the ride
Half follow and when he eases up they ease up too
When we all work together and ease up on our speed on certain sections of the road we can have a great ride with minimal need for regrouping
The main reason for regrouping is to do a headcount so that we don’t leave any cyclists behind
Please whatever you need to do apart from cycling do it from the back of the bunch
Be it scratching in your pockets
Fiddling on your phone
Fiddling with you’re Garmin
Blowing your nose
Drinking from your water bottle if you not comfortable doing it in a bunch
Looking forward to our members joining our rides as we make the last month of autumn an awesome month of weekend rides filled with great memories of riding with a great bunch of people
In recent years cycling has become a dangerous activity due to the criminal element targeting cyclist
Please be cautious and alert at all times when you out cycling and try to ride in groups

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