Newsletter – 22/04/2016

Road Cycling

Important Notes

Bunch Safety

  • Obey traffic signals – red lights
  • Ride inside the yellow line
  • Single file on narrow roads
  • Point out objects in the road

Bunch Etiquette

  • Blow your nose at the back of the bunch
  • Don’t attack – training rides are just that – training rides
  • Don’t half bike
  • Be punctual

Visitors are always welcome. Saturday rides are slower and easier so beginners are welcome. Sundays are not for the fainthearted or unfit!

Rides for the Weekend


Saturday 23 April 2016
Steves Magical Mystery Tour.  This is the only route I know which only goes uphill.  Well within the reach of the social group and a challenge to the intermediate group. Do not pass Steve as we may never find you!
Coordinator Steve/Duncan/Pine

Sunday 24 April 2016
Another old Favorite. To the top of Hells Hooghte and Back. There are several oppertunities to turn early. Please advise the road coordinator of your intentions at the start. As Kyamandie is a Hot Spot for mugging, regroup at Bottlelary, then again at the speed Camera on the R304 and ride past the township in a group. On the retun trip regroup at the service station on the left  hand side of Hells Hooghte and ride back to Bottelary in a group.
Coordinator  Pine


Mountain Biking – Carrick Pitman (072 548 0909 or


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