Newsletter – 7-Dec-2022

Weekend Rides
Saturday 10 December club ride 06h30
Our annual end of year breakfast ride is a spin through Melkbos on our way to the Bossa in Burgundy estate for breakfast and coffee+-50km
Sunday 11 December club ride 06h30 Philadelphia via Tiekiedraai and Adderley road+-70km
Fastgroup ride 06h30 Klapmuts+-90km
Do your good times in the saddle outweigh the off days you might have had sofar this year
This is the Positive Mental Attitude City cyclists have
The good times will at all times outweigh the negativity that comes from a bad day in the saddle
Please wear your white club jersey on saturday for the pics members will be taking
My fondest memory of 2022 was the Velddrif 222km
A totally new route which has never been ridden before which took place in June
Members can share their memories of the year over coffee while waiting for their breakfast at the Bossa
We have made great memories in the saddle sofar in 2022
The best part of a good time in the saddle is no hangover blues the following day
You can’t pick which direction the wind will be blowing on raceday
Blustery windy conditions is part of a cyclists life in the Western Cape
You need to cycle a lighter gear with a higher cadence into a headwind
This is very important when you doing 100km endurance rides
You need to save your legs for later into the ride when you get a tailwind
Looking forward to our City family joining our breakfast ride and sunday’s planned rides
We nearly halfway through December
Let’s stay strong on our commitment to join the weekend rides and keep the momentum going
Visitors are welcome to join our rides
Try to ride with at least two spare tubes when joining our rides
Unless you have trained your body to do 100km rides on one water bottle ride with two water bottles
The same goes for any food related type of foods
Energy bars and bananas are quite popular amongst our members
An old fashioned peanut butter sandwich is also good enough to bring along on our rides

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