Newsletter – 9–Jun-2022

Weekend Rides
Saturday 11 June club ride 07h00 Duynefontein+a 5lap challenge of the 2.5km Duynefontein circuit +-66km
Sunday 12 June club ride 07h00 Peninsula Loop via Fishhoek+-100km
Cyclists if you interested in the Peninsula ride
Please be early so our members can get the opportunity to cycle around the Peninsula
Our rides start at 07h00
Please don’t be late
We starting 30 minutes later than what we used to start
There’s no grace window of 5 minutes like we used to do when our rides started at 06h30
Congrats and Welldone to our members who raced at Red Hill
The Red Hill circuit is not for the feinthearted
There’s plenty of elevation on the circuit
Riding on a hilly terrain at racepace isn’t easy at all
Truly admirable
We had a great turnout for the weekend rides sofar in autumn and winter and our members who have been taking it easy since the Cycletour are eagerly looking forward to get back into the swing of training consistently for the 75 days remaining of winter
75 days might sound like a lot of time to get fit
The only difference our members have to consider if they interested in being part of a DC(Double Century as in 200km) team
To train for a 200km endurance event takes time
Through winter you have to do 100km distances
To build on your endurance stamina training you should be ready for 150 +km distances by the end of August
Many times ive heard of cyclists who want to start training for the DC by September
These cyclists usually only do one flat 60km ride per week through winter
The DC is a team event and you must be more or less at the same fitness level of you’re fellow team members when you decide to join a DC team
The Velddrif 222 is weeks away and our members are eagerly looking forward to it
Best of luck to our members who are racing at Lady Loch on sunday
Looking forward to our members making use of the great cycling weather we currently blessed with
Let’s make the club rides exciting through winter by taking on the 5lap challenge and the Peninsula ride
There’s no better motivation to get out of bed than knowing your City family is waiting at the BP for you
Please wear club kit on our rides
Wear your oddball coloured clothing on your midweek training rides

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