Newsletter 8-Apr-2021

Weekend Rides

Saturday 10 April 06h30
Silos +-75km
In support of City hosting our annual Slent road Time Trail our club ride is over Tiekie through Durbanville to the Silos
After regrouping and watching the TT teams passing we return to the BP the same way
Next week saturday 17 April we return to our laps in Bigbay and Duynefontein
Best of luck to all the teams taking part in the TT
More details at

Sunday 18 April 06h30
Fesantekraal via Bottelary +-80km

A big Congrats and Welldone to Carol Martin for being the drive and motivation behind the Social group on a weekly basis
The cyclists of the Social group have gained knowledge and confidence in their cycling abilities and now more than half of them have progressed to the club ride level
At first, it might be a bit tough but as long as you keep up with the training that you have been doing for the last three months you’ll soon get used to the club ride pace and might be ready for the Fast group rides by September
There’s no limit to how much you can improve
As we head into the second month of autumn its the ideal time to invest in an indoor trainer
Wet roads and rain is around the corner
With a proper training app to go along with a trainer is invaluable
The old excuse of I get bored while cycling on it will quickly disappear as you suffer while trying to keep up with the required effort of the intervals
Most of our members do ride with flashing rear lights but we need them to start riding with front lights as well
There’s no need to take unnecessary risks on our rides
We not being timed on our rides
Looking forward to seeing our members keeping each other safe by pointing out objects in the road and indicating when stopping
Please wear our new club jersey Saturday

Nathan Reid +27 83 299 4503