Weekly Newsletter – 17 Dec 2015

Road Cycling – Graham Ward (g.ward@mweb.co.za)

Important Notes

Bunch Safety

  • Obey traffic signals – reds lights
  • Ride inside the yellow line
  • Single file on narrow roads
  • Point out objects in the road

Bunch Etiquette

  • Blow your nose at the back of the bunch
  • Don’t attack – training rides are just that – training rides
  • Don’t half bike
  • Be punctual – our rides leave at 6.30am

Visitors are always welcome. Saturday rides are slower and easier so beginners are welcome. Sundays are not for the fainthearted or unfit!

Saturday 19 December 2015

Join up with club members to ride through to Ceres via Wellington, Bains Kloof and Mitchells Pass.  We will depart from the BP at 6.00am sharp and ride over Tiekiedraai , down to Durbanville and then via the R44 into Wellington. We will climb over Bains Kloof and proceed around the back of Wolesly to then climb Mitchells Pass into Ceres. The aim is to ride together in a group over the shortest possible route ie we cut through Wellington to get to Bains Kloof so if you don’t know the way dont lead us astray. I know that there are members that want to leave earlier – like at 5am – so that they can ride BACK to Edgemead – please let me know your plans so I can arrange the logistics of a back up. We would also want the faster riders to leave at 6.30am so that they can ‘catch up’ and then arrive in Ceres more or less the same time as those who leave at 6.00am.  The cars that will be driving through to collect members in Ceres will be leaving the Wild Bean at 9.00am. We want to arrange meals in advance at Die Pink Lady so drop me a line or sms (g.ward@mweb.co.za or 0824497424) if you are going to ride and have a bite to eat at the Pink Lady Ceres – see their menu here Die Pink Lady – Oct 2015

Sunday 20 December 2015

Meet at 6.20am – Briefing
Chappies and Back

Weekend of 6 February 2016

EP Herald Tour
Depart on Friday and return on Monday
Cost: R1500 (Accommodation and fuel, but exclude your food and entry fee)
We need to book and pay a deposit for Crows Nest in Summerstrand – Please Commit Now.

Mountain Biking – Carrick Pitman (0725480909 or carrickp@gmail.com)

To be advised shortly …

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