Weekly Newsletter – 20 Nov 2015

Road Cycling – Graham Ward (g.ward@mweb.co.za)

Important Notes

Bunch Safety

  • Obey traffic signals – reds lights
  • Ride inside the yellow line
  • Single file on narrow roads
  • Point out objects in the road

Bunch Etiquette

  • Blow your nose at the back of the bunch
  • Don’t attack – training rides are just that – training rides
  • Don’t half bike
  • Be punctual – our rides leave at 6.30am

Visitors are always welcome. Saturday rides are slower and easier so beginners are welcome. Sundays are not for the fainthearted or unfit!

Please note that from November we will be meeting at the BP to leave at 6.30am

Saturday 21 November 2015

Meet at 6.20am – Briefing

Please appoint a ride captain and ensure that all our members are safe during the ride.
Many members will be away this weekend taking part in the Double Century and the attendance will be very sparse.

Depart from BP to Bottelarey Rd, R304, past Klein Joostenberg and to the Silos and then back to Edgemead via Durbanville and Wellington Rd.
The distance is +-80kms. Please check your tyres for bits of glass.

Sunday 22 November 2015

Meet at 6.20am – Briefing

Ride to the top of Chappies and back to Edgemead.

DC Training – Freddie Mayer
(079 897 5996 or fmayer@sacd.co.za)

Good Luck to our members and their respective during the race on Sat 22 Nov 2015. May the wind be behind you and all your targets be achieved.

Mountain Biking – Carrick Pitman
(0725480909 or carrickp@gmail.com)

To be advised shortly …

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